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Meet the Relay Team

The Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay team will travel for 9 months from Cape Spear (Newfoundland and Labrador) to Vancouver (British Columbia). During the 25th Anniversary Relay there will be approximately 40 team members travelling with the Relay from town to town. The team will cover a wide range of jobs including Medal-Bearer hosts, route pilots, drivers, accommodation specialists and the media team.

Every member of the Relay team is committed to helping you have the best experience possible, you can find out more about them in their profiles below.

  • Tyrone Lingley

    Tyrone Lingley

    Specialist, Medal-Bearer Experience

    A formula to measure the power of an experience could be (a prediction of what to expect) x (the emotional power of that expectation). As the Specialist for Medal-Bearer Experience, Tyrone is responsible for creating positive predictions of what to expect prior to the Relay ...

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  • Nathalie Lavergne

    Nathalie Lavergne

    Relay Route Coordinator - (Region One) New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec.

    Nathalie is from Montreal, Quebec and is fluent in both French and English. In her role as Regional Route Coordinator she is responsible for the Relay route through the eastern provinces (NFL, PEI, NS, NB & QC) and is the principle contact for all ...

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  • Justan Steele

    Justan Steele

    Regional Route Coordinator - (Region Two) Ontario

    Justan was raised in the nation's capital, and knows the region well from his time playing for the Gloucester Hornets who competed throughout the province. Being from Ottawa, Justan is by default a massive Ottawa senators fan ... although the 2011 season is considering ...

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  • Marika Van Dommelen

    Marika Van Dommelen

    Community Engagement Coordinator

    Marika is from Langley, BC and was born with Spina Bifida. She has previously worked as the Ambassador Program Coordinator and is now a Community Engagement Coordinator for the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay, Marika is engaged with all the Relay start of day ...

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  • Kelly Stefanyshyn

    Kelly Stefanyshyn

    Regional Route Coordinator - (Region Three) Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

    Kelly hails from Winnipeg. In her role as Regional Route Coordinator she is responsible for the Relay route through the region three provinces (AB, MB, & SK) and is the principle contact for all community planning teams in this region. Kelly is a former National ...

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  • Deena Stigas

    Deena Stigas

    Programs & Experience Manager

    Deena has lived in many cities around the world, but it was her passion for the Olympic ideals that landed her a role with the 2004 Athens Organizing Committee.  Deena followed the spirit of the Olympic Games back to Canada to join the ...

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  • Ainsley Kowal

    Ainsley Kowal

    Specialist, Relay Events

    Originally from Ottawa, Ainsley has lived in Vancouver for 12 years. As the Relay Event Specialist, Ainsley assists in the overall planning and facilitation of the special events associated with the 25th Anniversary Relay and celebrations. Prior to joining the Relay team, Ainsley worked ...

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  • Max Voykin

    Max Voykin

    Regional Route Coordinator - (Region Four) British Columbia

    Max was raised in the small town of Castlegar, BC, and has a very strong connection with the BC-region as his family first moved to the area in 1908. Max claims to have already travelled 90% of highways in British Columbia - knowledge ...

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  • Jane Vessey

    Jane Vessey

    Relay Operations Coordinator

    As Relay Operations Coordinator, Jane is responsible for supporting the regional route coordinators across the whole of Canada. Jane will spend many hours out on the road detailing the route before the Relay even commences on August 24, 2011 (you won't ever want to ...

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  • Heather Maciver

    Heather Maciver

    Events & Planning Manager

    Born and raised in the Nation's capital, Heather has lived in the UK and sailed the high seas aboard cruise ships before settling in Vancouver. Heather has travelled to more than 150 countries, 500 cities and has been to every continent at least ...

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  • Robb Dunfield

    Robb Dunfield

    Senior Community Engagement Coordinator

    Robb was born and raised in Vancouver. At the age of 19 a fall from a third-floor balcony left Robb paralyzed from the neck down and is a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic. Robb now works as a Senior Community Engagement Coordinator at the Rick Hansen Foundation ...

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  • Scott Jones

    Scott Jones

    Specialist, Participant Operations

    Scott grew up in St. Thomas, Ontario before heading to the deep south of Georgia and South Carolina for school and to start his career in Sports Management. He's been back in Canada for three years, and while he may have lost most ...

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  • Russ Horner

    Russ Horner

    Manager, Community Engagement

    Russ grew up in Maple, Ontario. As a professional mascot for more than 25 years, Russ brings not only his energetic spirit to the Relay team, but also a wealth of experience and knowledge from the many sports and community groups he has ...

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  • Joshua Peters

    Joshua Peters

    Relay Pilot

    "Everyday is a gift". That's a motto Joshua heard at a young age that really stuck close to his heart. He hails from Toronto, Ontario but loves all of Canada equally. "From Cape Spear to Vancouver Island Canada has so much to offer, ...

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